Realtors - Keep more commission, pay less in fees, quality leads supplied, appointments set and free training and development, GUARANTEED for licensed Real Estate Agents, or I'll pay you our highest commission!

If you're NOT generating enough closings, if you're NOT earning enough commission checks, if you feel as if the current market has become too difficult to succeed in or if your lead generation model isn't supplying you with hundreds of prospects every single month, then what I'm about to share with you should have massive appeal. If not, don't read any more, it will probably only discourage you more!

Hi I'm Gary Wilson, Associate Broker and leader of the Keller Williams - Win Realty Team. You and I may or may not have met in the past. As one of the most UNTRADITIONAL team leaders in Western Pennsylvania, I'm enjoying a stellar, successful career by NOT doing what most other Realtors are doing. I learned a few years ago that if something ISN'T working for the majority of agents, creating closings and commission checks, then it's likely NOT going to work for me. In fact, emulating those bad habits and expecting a different outcome is just the Realtor's definition of insanity.

In contrast, by looking outside Real Estate at what other successful business owners do everyday to generate new business and then copying those methods, I'm finding myself in the enviable position of having more buyers and sellers begging me for help than I can personally handle right now. Actually, I've had this problem (not a bad problem to have) for a number of years.

Please email your resume to me at or fax to 206-600-6012.

Would You Like To Know How To Thrive in the Any Market in Western Pennsylvania?

Would you like to know how to have a steady stream of qualified and motivated buyers?

All Buyer/Listing leads and appointments are supplied – I will personally show you how to Earn $50,000 MORE than what you are earning right now, in the Next 12 Months. Don’t fight the slowing real estate market. Make at least $50,000 to $100,000 more than you did last year, -guaranteed! I will personally show you how and give you the leads and appointments to do it. *

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY : Outside Sales position, working with motivated buyers and sellers. Join a team of other super successful real estate sales professionals working with one of the top real estate teams in North America, make a rewarding income, work a reasonable “work week”, NO open houses, NO cold calling, NO marketing, advertising or prospecting, ALL buyer and seller leads and appointments supplied, NO desk fees.

Please email your resume to me at or fax to 206-600-6012.

Your days are spent actually selling homes! Exceptional opportunity to earn $50,000 to $100,000 NET INCOME your first year, as much as double that the 2nd year in the only real estate career with stress free opportunities at success. This is NOT for the brand new, rank amateur agent seeking a shortcut to proficiency, nor is it for the failed agent unable to make a living. Instead, the agents who love this change and do well in this position have had some successful sales, are knowledgeable, have good client management, communication and organization skills, and could continue earning a good living in real estate if they had to, but welcome the opportunity to focus on sales functions with pre-qualified leads and appointments, the freedom from endless cold prospecting, expensive advertising, intense competition and uncertain, unpredictable feast-famine roller coaster income.

If you have a few sales under your belt, the necessary skills and are ready to come in out of the must-find-a-prospect rat race, we have a great place on our unique team for you.

What do our Team Members Say?

Growing my business at Win has been a life changing experience for me. From the moment I started I was set up to succeed. The best part is that I get to grow my brand at my own pace. I make my own schedule. I choose my own clients. I'm not mandated to put in face time at the office, the freedom I have there has been priceless for me, especially since I work a full time job also. Win understands what it takes to be successful and provides me with the tools I need to reach my own personal level of success. Because of Win, I win.
Kevin Butler

“I have been an agent with the Win Realty Team for 2 years. For myself, working with Gary Wilson has been quit rewarding. Gary has been a great mentor which has helped me evolve to the next level in my career. Gary’s new and innovative approach to marketing real estate has enabled me to expand my client base and sales.

Thanks Gary

Bob Noll, Agent”

If you’d like to learn more about this unique opportunity, to begin the process, simply call 412-680-3618 or complete your contact information below.   Your inquiry will be held in the strictest confidence. (Note: the last time we advertised an opening, we were flooded with applicants and immediately filled the position. Do not procrastinate.)

Keep more commission, pay less in fees, quality leads supplied and free training and development, GUARANTEED for licensed Real Estate Agents, or I'll pay you our highest commission!

So, if you are interested in increasing your business, making more money and working reasonable hours along with creating a mutually beneficial relationship........Please email your resume to me at or fax to 206-600-6012.


Again, thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to meeting you very soon to discuss your real estate career.


To Your Success,

Gary Wilson

Team Leader

Keller Williams - The Win Realty Team





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